We’ve known there is a ‘divide’ on the Left between traditional Democrats and the Socialist Democrats aka ‘progressives’, but we had no idea how many actual progressives were starting to hold AOC and her squad accountable for kowtowing to Nancy Pelosi without getting anything in return. Luckily, Matt Stoller, a progressive writer, put together a thread about what a huge fail they’ve been and we are here for it:

It’s probably not wise to expect a bunch of progressives to be able to tie their own shoes let alone form a coherent political agenda but fair enough.

We’re seeing the word ‘coherent’ a lot here.

And we’re digging the whole ‘put up or shut up’ vibe in this thread.


Nancy Pelosi owns them all.

Sorry, not sorry.

What, he wants them to do more than tweet and go on talk shows to be fluffed by their adoring fans in the media.

The nerve.

Ya’ never know.

We bet he does.

In other words, stop pretending to be a progressive if you’re really just another Nancy Pelosi lackey.

Notice, he did not tag AOC but what he wrote seriously ticked her off:

Yeah, silly guy who would dare question her and her progressive super squad.

They’re busy behind closed doors and stuff.




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