We agree with Emily Zanotti when it comes to whether or not blogger/writer/whatever Virginia Duan has a bunch of people just lining up to be her pal.

Pretty sure that’s not happening.

White friends are so problematic. Yup.

This editor needs to add a rule as well, ‘Why I Have A ‘No Insane SJW Woke Batsh*t Lunatics Friends’ Rule.

Sounds legit, yeah?

Titania McGrath, a parody made famous by the fact that so many people think she’s real because the Left is truly just that insane, had this to say:


Hanging out with white people means racism wins.


Sadly, far too many people probably agree with her.




You’d think but nope.

They really have become a parody of themselves.

That’ll show ’em!

Nice to have a balance.




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