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'Still or sparkling?' Dan Crenshaw triggers TF out of AOC mocking her claims Republicans don't know what it's like to work hard

As Twitchy readers know, AOC spent most of last week b*tching, moaning, crying, and complaining about Republicans mocking her pricey merchandise for sale and then claiming Republicans don’t know what it’s like to work hard because all they do is sit around in leather chairs all day.


Republican Rep. Dan Crenshaw, who lost an eye in battle, had this to say:

Which of course triggered TF out of AOC (man oh man, talk about thin-skinned).


Brave firefighter tried defending AOC against her ‘haters’ … that’s cute.

But she totally missed the point.


But accurate.


Man, AOC has had a tough week.

That she of course brought on herself.



Cool story, BRO: Firefighter Jim Acosta FACT-REKT for claiming he lost his press creds ‘fighting Trump’s racism and xenophobia’

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Now, THAT’S unhinged! Oregon teacher loses her ever-loving mind on anti-lockdown protesters annnd OMG-LOL (watch)

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