The New York Times thinks the media should have been tougher on Trump, questioning his every lie and insult.

Because you know, they were super cooperative and supportive of the president, never once acting like frothy-mouthed crazed activitists.


*eye roll*

Jim Acosta couldn’t wait to chime in and remind everyone that he was so obnoxious he lost his press credentials. Granted, he didn’t tell the whole story:

Acosta trying to pretend he lost his creds for being too tough on Trump … that’s hilarious.

If our memory serves, Acosta actually lost his credentials after he refused to hand off the mic to an intern and he physically removed himself from her. It wasn’t that he was being tough on Trump for xenophobia, it’s that he was behaving like an unhinged rage-monkey on meth.

With all due respect, heh.


CNN is gonna CNN.

THERE it is.

Such bravery.



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