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Dr. David Samadi sums up just how RIDICULOUS the flu/ COVID narrative is from pro-lockdown Karens in just 1 perfect tweet

If only this tweet from Dr. David Samadi was a joke.

Sadly we are hearing and seeing this argument rolling around social media all too frequently these days.


Soooo … which is it? Are masks somehow magically keeping the flu at bay OR is it really powerless to stop COVID or are people wearing them so much the flu is mild OR are they not wearing them enough so COVID is increasing?

Yeah, we feel dumber after reading these questions as well.


Fair and excellent questions, one we wish more ‘experts’ were asking.

Wait, what?

Sort of like how it’s ok for hundreds of people to be in Walmart but kids can’t go to school?

Or like how it’s ok for certain groups to protest but kids can’t go to school?


Sorry, this editor is really hung up on kids not being able to go to school.


No, the scariest thing is elected officials using these lies that people buy into to shut communities down. That’s the scariest thing.

But this is a close second.

There ya’ go.

Gotta love those screaming heads.



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Cool story, BRO: Firefighter Jim Acosta FACT-REKT for claiming he lost his press creds ‘fighting Trump’s racism and xenophobia’

Now, THAT’S unhinged! Oregon teacher loses her ever-loving mind on anti-lockdown protesters annnd OMG-LOL (watch)

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