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'Are YOU drunk?' Mean girl Soledad O’Brien's attempt at smearing Trump witness Mellissa Carone does NOT end well for her, like at all

The same people who pretended Christine Blasey Ford and her mousy looks and even mousier voice was some sort of super brave WOMAN are making fun of Trump election witness Mellissa Carone for the way she looks and sounds.



We know you know that they know we all know they’re hypocrites but still …

Mean girl Soledad O’Brien may well be one of the most hypocritical of all:


Soledad is as bad as the orange man she pretends she’s better than … just sayin’.



Double oof.


Psh, we stopped expecting any sort of even-handed approach from Soledad and a multitude of other so-called journalists years ago. They proved they’re more activists than anything else with the ugliest and most blatant bias around.

Go team go!



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