If you are a Republican trying to talk other Republicans in Georgia into NOT voting to somehow teach the GOP a lesson take a moment from reading this article and slap yourself.


We’ll wait.

There ya’ go, hopefully, you knocked a little sense into yourself.

Seriously people? Burning down the Senate doesn’t in any way help Trump become president so just knock it off.

Like Kurt Schlichter has been saying all damn day:

When you read it out loud like that it sounds even dumber.

The gif is accurate.

Pretty sure this ‘messaging’ is being pushed by multiple ‘efforts’:

Ding ding ding.

Do the opposite.

Schlichter’s whole timeline looks like this:

Even Lin Wood is telling people not to vote?

C’mon man!

Sound stupid, yes?


Folks, if you’re in Georgia, vote Republican.

Let’s not complicate things.



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