While there may indeed still be irregularities in Georgia, looks like this one has been debunked. Cutters left, scanners stayed. See the story Erickson shared for details:

So if we’re seeing this correctly, it looks like supervisors told the poll workers to head on out and then the four people left pulled out ballot boxes/suitcases from under the tables and continued counting? Now we’re certainly not experts and these ballots could totally be legit BUUUUUT …

This seems sorta off, right?

Watch, decide for yourselves:

Did they know they were being recorded?

This is nuts.

And Rudy just showed it:

Note, Twitter is ‘disputing’ these tweets.

We’re shocked they’re not storing them in car trunks, as they did with Al Franken.

Remember that magical election?

Good times.

They’ve been doing this crap for years …

Stay tuned …



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