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'Don't buy the HYPE!' Lifelong environmental activist's thread all but NUKES the Left's fear-mongering around climate change

AOC was telling people two years ago we have 12 years left … remember that? So what, does that mean we only have 10 years left?

Or was she using some sort of special socialist math that will never add up?


We’re going to go with she has no idea WTF she’s talking about and leave it at that.

Especially after reading this fairly exceptional thread on climate change from lifelong environmental activist, Mike Shellenberger:

But climate change and stuff!


Keep going.

But we’ve been told our time is running out.

Or something.


And more building … who knew?


Well-managed forests.

Newsom should pay attention.


That’s a lotta beef.


So we’re doing pretty good.

Gosh, who knew?


This is fascinating.


Tell the truth?! Get outta here.


Told ya’. If more ‘climate’ activists wrote and ‘spoke’ like this, there would be far more discussions on what we really do need to get done for our planet. Sure, it’s not nearly as melodramatic or angry, it’s just facts and reality.

Two things we’re sorely lacking when it comes to this debate.



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