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Oh honey, STOP! AOC playing the race card to RAIL against Kyle Rittenhouse being released on bail does NOT end well for her, at all

Kyle Rittenhouse made bail.

And considering his bail was set at $2 million that is sayin’ something.


AOC was very angry that Rittenhouse was released and blamed it on … wait for it … keep waiting … yeah yeah, you can keep waiting …


Don’t make that face, we didn’t write it.

Ok, fine, make that face.

Her tweet is stupid.

Violent people being allowed to roam free.

Pretty sure after what we watched this past summer she does not want to ‘go there’ about violent people being able to roam free.

But she continued:

ANNND there’s the race card.

It must get exhausting saying the same silly, trite, ridiculous things over and over again thinking they will somehow matter THIS time.


If only AOC had bothered to Google:


Orange man bad!

Does that still work? Eh, probably.

Or is how ill-informed she is leading her to bigotry?



And that’s the truth.



‘Let me tell you, it has been a JOURNEY’: Tweep’s thread on how he gained 7 followers in JUST 6 MONTHS funniest damn thing you’ll read today

And now for something COMPLETELY brutal: John Cleese takes on HORDE of screechy social justice zombies accusing him of being transphobic

When you’re too INSANE for even MSNBC –> Keith Olbermann close to swallowing his own tongue in UNHINGED rant calling Trump a murderer (watch)

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