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'NO soup for you'! Here are some of Sean Spicier's greatest hits because WE ALL NEED SOME SPICIER (where oh where has he gone?)

Our favorite parody account, and yours, Sean Spicier sent his last tweet on August 21, 2020.


Nearly three months ago.

Not a peep from him during the election … and you KNOW he would have a heyday with what is happening with all of the allegations of cheating by Democrats. And yet nada.


This editor had the opportunity once to interview him and yes, he was a ‘him.’ At this point, we do not know what happened to him BUT we hope everything is ok because man oh man if Biden somehow is the president going forward we are going to need a serious amount of Spicier. He can be another parody, we don’t care, we just want him to come back and make us laugh. In the meantime, we decided to go through his timeline (and OMG there are thousands of screenshots of people mistaking him for Spicer) to pick out some of our favorites and share them in an article because we imagine you miss him as much as we do, dear reader.


We too slept at a Holiday Inn last night.

Good times.




We don’t even want to know what cleanse day looks like.

Doesn’t it?


We love this about Nancy Pelosi … what was interesting is going through his tweets reminded us of what it looked like in America before the virus made everything feel like a ridiculous sci-fi movie on crappy Netflix.

From one parody to another.

Oh yes, yes he is.


Spicey always made the feminists nuts.


Be nice to Coonman.


They had no idea.

*sniff sniff*

We didn’t say it.

We laughed.

A lot.

We included the tweet in this article BUT we didn’t say it.

The Hillary tweets are abundant and hilarious.

He wasn’t always funny.



Man, we could really use Spicey right now.

Just sayin’.



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