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Truth hurts? Ted Cruz points out MIRACULOUS change in CNN COVID reporting after calling the race for Biden and Jake Tapper can't DEAL

We’ve all ‘joked’ and adjusted our tinfoil hats over the past few months about how COVID would magically get cured on November 4, especially if Sleepy Joe won. Now, it could very well be our (and a bunch of other people’s) imagination but it certainly seems to be changing. From Pfizer’s vaccine suddenly being ready sooner than later to CNN dropping its COVID DEATH TRACKER to Andrew Cuomo saying they would be changing their tone on the virus …


It all seems sorta, convenient.

Ted Cruz even noticed:


Jake Tapper didn’t appreciate the good senator from Texas’ tweet:

But that doesn’t address what Ted pointed out, that the COVID tracker was gone.

For months that TRACKER OF DEATH AND DESPAIR has been on their network and it’s suddenly gone? And to Ted’s point here, the vaccine couldn’t have been announced a week earlier?

C’mon man!


Inquiring minds want to know.



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