Find someone who pays as much attention to you as Brian Stelter does to Fox News, and especially Tucker Carlson.

You know what, scratch that. You want someone who loves you, not someone who obsessively watches you like a hawk so they can get on Twitter and screech about you.

Look at this nonsense:

We like Tucker Carlson too but dude.

And c’mon, the banners are all in caps on the TV, Brian, but when you write them out like this it sounds like yelling. Which is probably exactly what ol’ Tater wants.

Lucky for all of us pions, Brian explained what it is he thinks Tucker is doing.

Stop laughing.

Ok, fine, laugh, we did.

This is just … sad.



Oh, and he’s a little obsessed with Hannity as well.

Hannity is right. Maybe Brian missed it but there are websites being created to punish Trump supporters in the near future.

People don’t put others on a list because they like them.

Right? So much cringe.



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