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DIRECTLY into our veins! Exjon drops a very smug Jennifer Rubin for posting pic of some seriously CHEAP champagne and LOL

We get what Jennifer Rubin was trying to do here but pretty sure it didn’t work out for her the way she thought it would.


It is a cheap, crappy, half-gone bottle of champagne.

Cook’s BRUT.

That’s her big celebration?

We’re shocked there’s not an open can of cat food in there …

Now that’s a party.



HEY, that was our joke.

The cat thing is officially a theme.


What makes it look even shoddier is that the bottle is half gone.

Jennifer is ALL class, baby.



WELP! MI county clerk catches software glitch that gave 1000s of votes meant for Trump to Biden in 1 county (47 other counties used same software)

OOPS! Said the quiet part out LOUD –> China-state affiliated media super PSYCHED over Biden win

REAP what you sow: Bethany Mandel LEVELS Dems who spent 4 years claiming Russia helped Trump win lecturing GOP on ‘accepting results’ in vicious thread

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