As it looks more and more like a Biden victory we’re seeing Democrats lecturing Republicans about how they need to just accept the results, however questionable. The same Democrats who spent four years trying to sabotage Trump as a means to remove him from office because he dared beat Hillary Clinton in 2016. Their logic told them that there was no way he could have possibly beaten her without RUSSIA and they were determined to prove it no matter what.

Yeah, they want us to sit back and say, ‘Hey, we see a lot of shady sh*t going on here in these swing states but ok, Biden won.’

Bethany Mandel ROARED:

Now shut-up and accept it.


Ding ding ding.

But you know, orange man bad.


They should check every damn race.

Tell ’em, Bethany.

What she said.

All damn day.



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