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We can't all HIDE in our basement! Maggie Haberman DRAGGED for reporting Trump's tardiness and 'husky voice' on Fox and Friends

Trump was late for his Fox and Friends interview this morning and reportedly had a husky voice.

Probably because the man had done around eleventy-billion rallies in the last two days and didn’t get back to DC after his rally in Michigan last night until early this morning but you know, it’s big news for NYT’s Maggie Haberman that he was late and sounded bad.


Not just husky but VERY husky.

This is news?

Can you guys imagine the heyday the media would have had if Trump called lids as often as Biden?

Maybe if the media worked as hard as Trump they’d know why he was late and sounded ‘husky.’


Ahem. It’s not apple sauce.

It’s pudding.

Tapioca in fact.


But at least he doesn’t sound husky!

These people.



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