Lefties attacked a Biden voter for saying people should not attack one another over politics.

Let that sink in for a minute.

Diana S. Fleischman put together a fairly reasonable thread about the reality of people and politics, and we don’t disagree with her main premise in that regardless of how people vote, they should be able to be adults and even be friends.

How dare she try and appeal to the rational side of humanity, amirite?

Bob and Sally seem to have it figured out.

She continued.



She finished strong though:

Makes sense, right?

So you know the Left completely lost their sh*t and attacked her for it …


Diana’s whole thread was about how we can still be adults and friends and Anne the Leftist just said she’s not on her side.

Think she missed the point.

Oh, it gets worse.

They’re proving once again that the Right thinks the Left are people with bad ideas, the Left hates the Right and thinks they’re bad people.

This is nuts.


How dare she not be batsh*t crazy like the rest of them.

The Left has done so much damage to so many people, and all for power and politics. It’s insane.



We got nothing.

This is just insane hatred based on ridiculous lies propagated by a party so desperate for power they’d burn down this entire country and the people who live here.

Vote accordingly.



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