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GASP! Jake Tapper leads horde of pearl-clutching harpies after Trump shares video of Trump trucks escorting Biden/Harris out of Texas

Joe Biden has been in office since God was a boy, you think by now he’d know you don’t mess with Texas.


Yes, President Trump, we love Texas too.

As you can imagine, since a bunch of proud Texans was good enough to escort the Biden/Harris bus out of their state, and Trump dared SHARE it saying he loves Texas, plenty of ‘scolds’ were quick to play the outrage game on Twitter.

Leading the pack, Jake Tapper:

Ok, so?

Was Jake this scoldy when the Left set CNN itself on fire?

Vehicular homicide?

Calm down, Karen.


Texans so scary!


It looks like the white car is the issue …




We can’t outdo the joke that IS The Lincoln Project.

Here’s the thing, if Biden supporters had escorted Trump out of say Delaware they’d be cheering a cute little line of Priuses for ridding the state of that bad orange man but since it’s a bunch of Texans in big scary trucks (FOSSIL FUEL!!!) they’re getting compared to ISIS.

Maybe if Texans had just burned down a few buildings and screamed at people trying to eat their meals in peace in a peaceful riot? Sorry … protest.



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