If you’ve spent any time on Twitter over the past couple of weeks you’ve noticed a new ‘feature’ they claim will stop the spread of misinformation. It’s this cute little ‘warning’ window that asks if you’d like to read the story before retweeting it on Twitter that says, ‘sometimes the headline doesn’t tell the whole story’.

In other words, they’ve made it more difficult in general to share stories like this one:

Even if it’s the author of the piece itself, like Kimberley Strassel.

Censoring Kimberley on Kimberley’s own story … that’s peak Twitter.


That works.

Not according to Jack and his merry bunch of censor-happy harpies at Twitter. Only they should be able to decide what we do and don’t read.


We are seeing a lot of that, where tweets are marked ‘could be offensive’ but once you click them they say something like, ‘Amen’ or are just a bunch of emoji hearts and American flags.

Perhaps those things ARE offensive to the Twitter crew.

Something like that.