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Biden's voting for Trump?! LOL! The Biden Bus is SOOOPER popular and accidentally leading this Dallas, TX Trump Train (watch)

This is our favorite thing today.

Ok, maybe not our favorite thing.

Our FAVORITE thing was that video of the older Black man talking about Trump being the best thing since sliced bread and calling Biden a criminal.


But this is a close second.



The Biden/Harris bus leading the Trump train.

Look at all the trucks and Trump flags!


He might as well.

God bless Texas.


Doesn’t get much better than a bunch of America-loving patriots following the Biden bus around with their pro-Trump flags.




‘He can’t be bought. He can’t be controlled.’ Blue-check’s thread on why Trump is the establishment’s worst nightmare is THE BOM

‘Biden?! That criminal hasn’t done NOTHING for the black man!’ Older Black man explains why he’s voting Trump and it’s SPECTACULAR (watch)

Helloooooo BACKFIRE! GA rep who didn’t know what a coyote was steps in it AGAIN with cute little anti-Trump poll

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