Pat Condell put together a fairly exceptional thread on why he is voting for Trump, and to be honest, this editor feels like anyone who may still be undecided should read it. There is no glitz or glamour or ‘owning the libs,’ it’s just the basic facts about the president.

Take a look.

Establishment’s worst nightmare.


Keep going.

Bad faith media.

We like that.

What he said.

Told you this kicked butt.

We’re not sure it’s bizarre that they’ve refused to cover it. Sadly, we’d be more shocked if they did.

So many elected officials get rich in office in America.

Trump is definitely not one of them.

This. ^

Trump has been working to end wars.

See San Francisco.

It’s like he really knows Trump.

Note, if you’re reading this and you know someone who is undecided, seriously, send it to them. 



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