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What better way to celebrate your BIRTHDAY?! Tweeps having LOADS of fun at Hillary's expense with ACB's SCOTUS advancement

Hillary Clinton just can’t seem to help herself.

From babbling about how she was ‘born to deal with a virus’ to this silliness complaining about Trump actually doing his job by nominating a well-credentialed, qualified SCOTUS judge, she just keeps on keepin’ on.


You’d think since it’s her birthday she’d chill out a little, eat some cake … swallow some souls.

But nope.

Ramming through?

Trump is still president, Hillary.

Unlike you.

Happy birthday, Hillary!


Don’t let the door hit ya’ on the backside.




Annnd many mooooooore.



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All the REEE! Peggy Noonan’s brutally HONEST piece about ‘frivolous’ Kamala Harris enrages the Left (especially Soledad O’Brien)

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