The Left is completely triggered (more so than even usual) over a piece Peggy Noonan wrote about Kamala Harris coming across as insubstantial and frivolous.

Gosh, we’re sorry, we thought they already knew?

She leaves out how much flack Trump has taken for dancing but eh.

We’re just thankful they’re not calling Peggy a racist for being honest about the way Kamala comes across.

Just kidding, they’re TOTALLY calling her a racist. That’s what they do best.

She seems mad, right?

We’re still trying to figure out what was the least bit racist about Peggy’s piece.

Soledad O’Brien though, she really took the ‘race card’ to a new level:

Le sigh.

There’s a REASON Kamala dropped out so early in her own party’s primary.

She is highly unlikeable and comes across as forced and entirely fake. Watching her dance around with an umbrella was painfully awkward and it had nothing to do with the color of her skin or the fact that she does indeed possess a vagina. We hate to break it to the Left, but we’ve already been down this road where we get called ‘racist’ for disagreeing with a Black politician.




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