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OMG WE'RE ALL DEAD! Is it our imagination or did Kamala Harris just quote Biden on the MILLIONS of COVID deaths (watch)

Pretty sure Kamala Harris was supposed to help Biden NOT look insane.

About that …


Like a third of our country’s population has died.

Well, crap.

And here we thought Net Neutrality was supposed to kill us all. Who knew? Guess those of us writing and reading this are among the 110 million who didn’t die in the last seven months.

This … this was bad.

Considering there is only 1/3 of us left? Yup.


So … is this Ghost Twitchy?!


220 MILLION of us are …

Who knew?



Holy WOW! National Daily Black Likely Voter Job Approval numbers for Trump over the past 5 days OFF THE CHARTS (ruh-roh Dems!)

‘Ok, cupcake, now where’s my drink?’ AOC raging about Repubs disrespecting her name and title BACKFIRES spectacularly

‘That makes Obama a Nazi, right’? EPIC thread just shreds Biden’s LIE about Obama never separating children from parents at the border


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