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The Expert™ Tom Nichols outraged over black woman who dared nod during Trump's NBC Town Hall, calls on journos to doxx her (and they did)

Tom Nichols wanted journalists to FIND the black woman who nodded and gave Trump a thumb’s up during the debate. Sorry, Town Hall.

Apparently, he felt like since she supported Trump she shouldn’t have been allowed at the Town Hall?


He really is just a miserable sack of awful:

Who knew a journalist’s job was to punish a woman of color for agreeing with Trump?

THAT’LL teach her, right Tom?

And she didn’t ask a question but you know, she shouldn’t be allowed to have her own opinion or something.


Is it though?

On that note, Tom seems pretty pleased with himself for telling the media to investigate a black woman who agreed with Donald Trump.

Because you know, they did it.

He thinks this is a win.

She never asked a question.

They said Trump supporters, Biden supporters, and undecided voters were there.



He caught that evil black woman who supported Trump and EVIL WHITE SUPREMACISTS SUPPORTED HER.

Granted, she didn’t ask Trump a question but you know … HE FOUND HER OUT.

They don’t call him ‘The Expert’ for nothin’.

*all the eye rolls*

This freakin’ guy.



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