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'Good GOD': Drew Holden captures Jennifer Rubin's complete BREAKDOWN over Trump's COVID in train wreck of a thread

Drew Holden really took one for the team and put Jennifer Rubin’s entire meltdown over Trump testing positive, being hospitalized, getting treated, and then going for a ‘joy ride’ into one fairly spectacular train wreck of a thread.


Take a gander at this dumpster fire:


Hand Jenn a few cats and she could be this lady …


She has just lost it.

What he said.

Within 10 minutes.

Someone needs a Snickers bar, at the very least.




Captain Insane-o.

We can come up with a few.



REE! Bethesda MD harpy loses her freaking MIND over Trump supporters in her neighborhood, asks cops to arrest them and LOL (watch)

None of this is true: ACTUAL pharmacist shuts Bill Kristol and other ‘experts’ DOWN for claiming Trump’s COVID meds make him unfit

‘You EPIC piece of garbage’: Claire McCaskill tries picking a fight with Dan Bongino over Trump’s ride and WHAT a mistake

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