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Don't be like DICK: Brit Hume drops Dick Blumenthal for refusing to meet with ACB and it just takes 1 of Dick's old quotes

Sen. Dick Blumenthal has said he will refuse to meet with SCOTUS nominee, ACB. Like that’s a bad thing or anyone cares …

But whatever.

If being a big baby makes him feel like he accomplished something more power to him.


Except, of course, this is the opposite narrative ol’ Dick was pushing back in 2016. It’s like Brit Hume has a zinger for everything:

Man, those quotes always bite ya’ in the end, don’t they, Dick?

Dick has flip-flop-itis.

Something like that.


That was a lie.

One he has never really been held accountable for.

It’s the Democrat way.


This is a perfect visual for Dick Blumenthal.

Taking his ball and going home.

Could happen to anyone.




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