Another day, another October surprise.

In September.

Man, the Democrats must REALLY be worried to be dumping this many ‘bombshells’ so far out … granted, if Trump was ‘calling it a lid’ most days and thought he’d been a senator for 180 years we might be looking for ways to distract from our candidate as well.

Pushing out this tax return story, the New York Times and the Left, in general, seem to have missed one glaring thing.

Is this legal?

We don’t know why Brian Stelter felt the need to fact-check Charlie but he did.

And yikes:

Brian tries so hard and fails even harder.

Just because they legally have access to the return doesn’t make it legal for them to disclose it.


Seems like Brian either didn’t read Charlie’s tweet or didn’t understand it.

Maybe both.

This wasn’t even a nice try.

This was just embarrassing.

Typical Tater.



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