Pretty sure this tax return bombshell isn’t the dunk these the yahoos on the Left think it is.

Wait, you mean Trump paid very little in taxes the two years he wasn’t taking a salary? Get outta here.

Oh, we know there’s more to it (there is no way we can even begin to understand Trump’s tax returns), but our pals in the media sure seem to think they know how it all works. Unfortunately for them all, the key takeaways from this ‘big story’ only really hurt the Democrats.

No unreported connections to Russia.

Unlike Biden, Trump isn’t making money with his office.

Womp-womp, NYT.

Right before the debate.

They’re doing everything they can to help Biden.

And that’s the real moral of the story.


We have to wonder if the people losing their minds because Trump managed to pay very little in taxes realize they’re trying to convince people who think taxation is theft that this is a bad thing.

Another day, another nothing burger.



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