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Newt was RIGHT! Robby Starbuck's receipt-filled thread about Soros helping elect EXTREMISTS across the country a MUST-READ

What was going on with this exchange on Fox News? Why wouldn’t they want Newt Gingrich pointing out that George Soros has played a huge part in electing extremists across the country?


Robby Starbuck put together a quite frankly terrifying thread proving exactly what Newt was trying to say.

Take a look.


Bought the race entirely.


But apparently pointing this out is a big no-no?

Yup, we don’t get it either, folks.

Rising crime.

Rising murder.


Soros enabled it all.

You guys remember Kim Foxx, right?


What he said.

Now, why oh why would Soros do that?

Seems that way.


This is nuts.


So Newt was right.

Gosh, who knew?

Oh, that’s right. Most everyone watching the segment.




Guy who ate human brains and wanted to punch a high school kid in the face SUPER freaked about that whole Trump/’heat ray’ story

Sharks with freakin’ LASERS on their heads! Jim Acosta’s BIG story about military asking to use ‘heat ray’ on protesters accidentally comedy GOLD

BOMBSHELL: Nashville mayor’s office deliberately kept VITAL COVID info about bars and restaurants from the public

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