We just can’t take Jim Acosta seriously.

Our bad.

Reading this from him about how ‘CNN has obtained documents’ is just so, ‘da da DAAAA,’ you know? Like he so badly wants to be important and have an important story but it’s about a military officer asking for a heat ray.

To use on protesters?

Hey, at least they didn’t ask for sharks with freakin’ laser beams on their heads, right?

When he says they’ve ‘obtained’ documents this editor can’t stop thinking about Acosta hiding out in a parking garage waiting for someone to leave a manila envelope filled with TOP SECRET DOCS.

Too funny.

Heat ray.




She’s right, you know:


Yes. They were totally going to zap people with a magical heat ray.

You have to wonder if these people are able to tie their own shoes.

Thank goodness for velcro.


Sorry, this is too funny.

Thanks, Jim.



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