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BUSTED! Spencerport HS Asst. Principal Steve Lysenko records HIMSELF chanting 'f**k the police' and other obscenities during riot

Good to see the caliber of individuals not only teaching our children but acting as the assistant principal.

You know, second in charge?


What’s hilarious is this idiot tells the world what his name is.


Did he really not think they’d find out he’s the assistant principal at Spencerport HS in Rochester?

Watch (if you’re in public you might want headphones):

An assistant principal. Alrighty then.

Also, this is Rochester, NY, just FYI.


Really sad and yet all too believable.

Spencerport High School has responded:


Does that mean he’s busted?

Please, tell us this means he’s busted.

The jagoff recorded himself, pulled his mask down, and literally said MY NAME IS …

If nothing else they should get rid of him for being too stupid to function.



TOTALLY sums up the entire Left –> Antifa morons in Portland accidentally set another Antifa moron’s feet on fire while rioting (watch)

He’s dead, Jim. DEAD! Jon Cryer learns the hard way why you NEVER bring a knife to a gunfight with Rep. Matt Gaetz

‘Ever heard of Dan Rather?’ Journo Olivia Krauth snidely claims journos don’t ‘just make stuff up’ and HOLY CRAP that’s a lotta backfire

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