WTF happened to Jon Cryer? Yikes.

Full transparency, when this editor first saw Cryer’s picture she thought for JUST a moment it was Dr. Evil sporting a goatee.

Ok, maybe not but that’s funny, right?

Appears Cryer dislikes Rep. Matt Gaetz and for whatever reason, decided to pick a fight with the representative on Twitter. We’re not entirely sure what Ducky was thinking but here we are.

And Jon Cryer’s mom was a hamster and his father smelled of elderberries.

C’mon man. This sounds insanely paranoid.

Gaetz responded:


And true.

Double ouch.

Full transparency again, looking through the responses to Gaetz’s tweet is like looking through the saddest most unhinged dumpster of stupid we’ve perhaps seen on Twitter in a long time. It’s amazing even now how just one tweet from Gaetz (and a few other Republicans like Cruz) can cause the Left to basically have a social-media aneurysm. They completely lost their minds because Gaetz told Ducky that Charlie Sheen carried his lame sitcom.

And they wonder why we make fun of them.



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