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Too bad, so SAD! Laura Ingraham knocks Obama down a notch or FIVE in PRICELESS tweet after his DNC speech

Eight years as president … and Barack Obama is still disappointed in America and Americans.

And the way Democrats praise both Obama’s for shaming the country and her people, it’s bizarre. ‘Thank you, President and Michelle Obama for reminding us how awful we are! WHEEEEEE!’ 


*eye roll*

Shame on Trump for not fixing the mess Obama and his predecessors made with decades of service in government. That’s what kills this editor. Sure, Trump makes mistakes and says stupid crap but the man has spent four years in politics and the idiots shaming him for not ‘fixing’ these systems have been breaking said systems for years and years and years.

And their vapid little base just can’t get enough.

Good pick, Joe.

Obama may well have been the most divisive president this country has seen.


Right? If only Joe had been in an elected capacity and worked to change some of these things.



And taking selfies in the Oval Office.

C’mon now, those selfies aren’t going to take themselves. Sheesh, what do you people expect?!



‘Like the right to DIE?!’ Megyn Kelly goes OFF on Caroline Kennedy for claiming Biden, like her ‘Uncle Teddy,’ is committed to women’s rights

Now, THIS is embarrassing: DNC caught duplicating several live-streams to make Kamala Harris look less horrible and LOL (screenshots)

‘Government, media … they are NOT your friends’: Must-read thread explains how America likely already has COVID herd immunity

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