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'Bounties? What bounties?' Watch in REAL-TIME as CNN spins headline to ensure Trump gets NO credit for doing something RIGHT (screenshots)

Back when Trump took Soleimani out in January (which seems like a totally different world, right?), the media was OUTRAGED the president would kill a ‘top Iranian general.’


They did everything they could to make Soleimani a victim which is just batsh*t insane but this is the media we’re talking about.

Especially CNN.

Eddie Zipperer noticed they changed their headline about Trump taking Soleimani out to be about the US taking him out once the country realized this was about bounties on our troops. You know, the same troops the Left accused Trump of not caring about bounties being on.

Take a look.

What a change.



And then Eddie came up with the perfect emoji for CNN:

Dumpster fire.




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