This thread is terrifying.

And sad.

Sadly terrifying?

And almost PSYCHIC in its predictions about what would happen when countries panicked, locked down, and governments implemented rules and regulations limiting their peoples’ literal freedoms. All in the name of keeping us ‘safe.’

When the solution is more dangerous and deadlier than the problem …

Take a look from waaaaaay back in March:

Creepy right?

Keep going.

Sort of like that whole ‘just give us two weeks to flatten the curve’ thing.

Good times.

It was a disaster.

Remember the crowded airports?

Even now millions of Americans are unemployed, the government continues looking into stimulus, many schools going all virtual …

This. ^

This is theater.

It still is.

Schools still closed in many cases.

Funny how we’re only allowed to take experts who want us locked down seriously.

Wrote a piece on a thread about this very thing just this morning.

Incredibly scary and dangerous.


If it saves just one life … blah blah blah.

Many of them are still unemployed, wondering if their bars or restaurants will come back.

See Nevada.

See California.

Nope, they didn’t.

This should never have been allowed to become about ‘keeping people safe’.

It has sucked.

Told you guys … wow.

Pretty amazing, right?



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