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'Your daddy': Sean Spicier really KICKS a hornet’s nest of un-glitter-glued with tweets on the Portland riots, Biden, and Fauci's 'pitch'

Full transparency. This editor will write about Sean Spicier (the best parody account in the history of Twitter in our humble opinion) as much for her own amusement as for yours, dear reader. There is just something really fun about watching him own Lefties over and over and over again.


And all because they’re either too angry, too emotional, too lazy, or too stupid to look for the little blue check.

Thank Twitter for small favors.

Biden has been in office since God was a boy and has yet to do anything meaningful for women but sure, he’ll really fix it this time.

Sniffing hair … el oh el.


That makes Spicier an expert.

And seriously, what’s not to believe? Democrats run these cities that are being destroyed … by Democrats. There’s no argument here.


We suppose that’s better than ‘your mama.’

They have two main arguments they use to ‘own’ Spicer, crowd size, and dancing.


It’s almost like they’re obsessed.


Fauci’s throw was the perfect metaphor for his expert advice … he was off.

Big time.

See what we mean?

Crowd size.

Leading Arsehole?




You’re a mean one … Kamala Harris.

Just look for the little blue checkmark, dude.


Owning a parody.

On Twitter.


Sean still fools them … it’s awesome, right?



Miss him yet? LOL Scott Walker rubs a whole lotta SALT in Democrats’ wounds with a perfect joke and they just LOSE IT

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