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'Ultimate client was DNC': Catherine Herridge shares #FISA court docs - Steele firm forced to pay damages for 'misleading' material

So it sounds like a British court has ordered ex-spy Christopher Steele’s firm to pay damages for ‘inaccurate’ or ‘misleading’ information.


Color us shocked.

OH NOT REALLY … we’ve all pretty much known this dossier thing was grade-A bull-pucky since even before Schiff got pranked trying to get naked pictures of Trump (we’re not making that up!). Catherine Herridge has done an outstanding job of covering this mess for CBS and presenting it in a way that makes sense.

Even to this Twitchy editor.

Take a look.




Ultimate client DNC.


Enthusiastically briefing journalists aka LEAKING THE LIES.

It’s all right here, in black and white.

With some cool highlighting of course.


Sadly we’re not counting on it at this point, but we’re sorta cynical.

Something’s got them spooked, that’s for sure.



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