Free speech is FREE … why is this so difficult for some people to understand?

Granted, the people challenging the existence of and conditions around free speech are also big proponents of cancel culture so we suppose we shouldn’t be surprised when they just don’t GET IT.

Like Ezra Klein for example:

Because freedom of speech is worth defending. There is no mantle, it’s just what we do in America.

This isn’t difficult.

Kimberley Strassel was happy to explain how it works and she did a far better job than we can:


The First Amendment isn’t about protecting the government from your mean ol’ speech, it’s the other way around. The Constitution is about limiting the powers of the government, not the people.

It means defending all speech, even when we disagree with what is being said.

Embrace the power of ‘and’.

Time to break out the puppets and crayons then.



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