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What are they gonna do, HUG it out?! Byron York takes the entire #DefundThePolice movement APART in fact-filled thread

There have been many a-stupid narrative and idea come from our ‘good friends’ on the Left, but this idea that disbanding and defunding the police in Minneapolis is seriously nuclear-level MORONIC. We get it, the people who have been in charge of the city for DECADES (you know, Democrats) are trying to deflect from their inability to actually take care of their community by blaming the police. Notice they don’t bring up the Police Union who has protected bad cops like Chauvin for years and years …


Byron York took time to break down what this would really look like, and all the questions they can’t or won’t answer about this big, sparkly plan:

It sounds like they REALLY CARE or something.

But what happens when a home is broken into or someone is assaulted? Who do they call? Social workers?

Exactly. Which resource will show up and deal with a criminal? It’s like these so-called leaders think that if the police go away crime will too.

We’re not dealing with the brightest crayons in the box, clearly.


Yeah, surely he would know.

Or not.

And he said?


He did not have an answer.

Because this idea is STUPID.

Beyond stupid.

So stupid that stupid would walk by this idea and say, ‘Damn, that’s stupid.’

A better question is do Social Workers WANT to do this.


No no, they’re far too busy making sure the protesters know they ‘hear them.’ The actual consequence and/or details involved with defunding the police haven’t come up just yet.

As we said, STUPID.

Awww, there it is!

Nope, sorry. Not wanting to be robbed is privilege … or something.

Hey man, we don’t make the rules.


Byron is right, it’s just more talk and virtue-signaling with no real solutions.

Then again, that’s about all we’ve come to expect from Democrats and Progressives.



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