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'You suck at this. Like SO MUCH.' Joy Reid trying to make her case that Antifa are really the GOOD GUYS goes so very VERY wrong

Antifa has a HUGE fan in Joy Reid.

We know, you’re shocked. She’s usually such a good judge of character and stuff.


That or she’s really bored and virtue-signaling for attention.


Nobody is this ignorant about this domestic terrorist group, right? C’mon.

She’s clueless.

Without a clue.

Wouldn’t know a clue if it fell out of the sky, landed on her face, and started to wiggle.

Boogaloo boys?


Please, show us the photos of these ‘boys’ burning down buildings and assaulting people.

She’s really reaching.

Oh, the irony of this tweet.

She should have stopped when she was behind.

Wait? Scratch that, reverse it.


No words for how stupid this is.

OMG put the Twitter down, Joy.


Truer words were never spoken.



‘Dude … Trump’s just not into you. Move on’. Rick Wilson’s conspiracy-filled thread on MN riots proves Trump well and truly BROKE him

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