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'Forgive us if we don't believe you': Maria Bartiromo NUKES Adam Scared Schiff-less for desperately trying to spin Flynn transcripts

It’s easy to miss what’s still going on with Flynn, Trump, and the Deep State when the country is locked down and/or burning BUT luckily we here at Twitchy can multitask. Adam Schiff (scared Schiffless as we like to call him) is really trying his best to pretend the documents Richard Grenell has declassified don’t make him, Nadler, and Democrats in general look as dirty as we know they all are.


If he thinks we’ll believe his ‘facts’ we have a bridge to sell him.

In Russia.


Nice try, Adam.

But …

What she said.

Yup, he really is.


But … Russia! Ukraine! COVID! ELEVENTY!!!



‘What the HELL’? Nothing says you care about justice like bringing your small child to a ‘violent protest’ (watch)

Talk to the HAND! Unhinged Cheri Jacobus calls Mollie Hemingway a ‘white supremacist’ and just GUESS how that goes over

‘You suck at this. Like SO MUCH.’ Joy Reid trying to make her case that Antifa are really the GOOD GUYS goes so very VERY wrong

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