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'Get OFF your high horses': Dana Loesch takes Jake Tapper, CNN, and the media APART in a come-to-Jeebus thread

Imagine being so shallow that you’d unfollow someone you have a cordial relationship with both personally and professionally because they ‘fell out of your good graces’ and called out your network for dumping all over them. Because that’s what Jake Tapper did to Dana Loesch the first time he unfollowed her.


Guess she fell out of his ‘good graces’ again.

What a petty, little man.

Dana did NOT hold back.

Keep going.

But orange man BAD!

He’s so mean to them!

And if we don’t acknowledge their victimhood we’re just big ol’ meanies and will likely fall out of their good graces as well. Ok, so this editor has never been in Tapper’s good graces but still, that there is funny.

‘Free press.’



Get off your high horses.

Especially you, Mr. Tapper.

Hypocrites, the lot of them.

But you knew that.



Troll level=BADA*S: Greg Abbott compares 4 most populous states including COVID response and LOL Lefties just can’t DEAL

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‘GAWD you suck at this!’ Ana Navarro’s lame attempt to ‘list’ Obama’s scandals versus Trump’s goes OH so very wrong

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