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And now for the dynamite! Undercover Huber's ruthless thread shines a light on 1 reason WHY Adam 'Sack of' Schiff is panicking

So many transcripts … so many questions.

So many dirty players.

And so much panicking for our good friend, Adam Schiff. Undercover Huber is once again ‘taking one for the team’ and reading through all of these transcripts Schiff never wanted us to see and deciphering them for us on Twitter. He is also asking some pretty damning questions about what he is and is not seeing.


Take a look:

So is it say to safe the ‘Schiff’ is about to hit the fan?


Grab the popcorn.



A flat out lie.

Gosh, we’re shocked.

Basically all Steele.

If we don’t laugh we’ll never stop throwing up.


No wonder Schiff is freaking out.

C’mon, nobody is shocked that Schiff probably lied his arse off, right?






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