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Funny because it's true: Tim Young's tweet about what the so-called 'Resistance' did when actual rights were taken away is PERFECTION

Guess ‘The Resistance’ really wasn’t all that interested in resisting.

Well, ok, they were super stoked about ‘resisting’ as a means to demand a bunch of free crap. But when actual rights started getting taken away ‘to keep Americans safe’ or whatever they totally disappeared and those old fuddie-duddies who support the Constitution came out to fight for them.


Ain’t that how it always goes?

Tim Young said it best:

You know they’re sitting home reading their Marx and calling the police on their neighbors for having a cook-out with friends or whatever.

Generation Z looks promising.

True story.

*this editor is raising two Gen Z kids and they are definitely not wimps*

Freedom is scary.

But worth it.



Growing up?


Who knows?


There it is.




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