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Take the L! Kirsten Powers makes herself look even worse in thread LASHING out at those calling her disingenuous AF over Kavanaugh

Guess Kirsten Powers doesn’t like being held accountable for the things she said and tweeted about Justice Brett Kavanaugh because it makes it really hard to defend poor Joe Biden without looking like a total hypocrite. It’s tough pretending you don’t have a Kavanaugh ‘double standard’ when there is proof all over the place, as Jim Treacher illustrated in his thread on her wiping her Twitter timeline of every anti-Kavanaugh tweet.


She seems defensive, yes?

Kirsten is the REAL victim HERE.

Don’t laugh.

Ok, laugh.

We did.

Keep going.

People calling her out for being disingenuous are dysfunctional.

And she’s talking about you IMPORTANT BLUE CHECK PEOPLE, so she means business.

*eye roll*

Trolls and bots.



Conservative swarm.



Poor Kirsten.

*sniff sniff*

That’ll show YOU PEOPLE!

C’mon, we all know why.


But you know, there’s no double standard.



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