Undercover Huber has been a go-to with all of this Crossfire Hurricane, FBI, Trump, Flynn, Strzok, Page, Russia, Steele Dossier, etc. mess from day one, and his thread on the one thing that’s missing from the documents we’re seeing is perhaps the most damning piece in all of this mess.

And the most terrifying.

Take a look.

Lover’s quarrel.

Biased texts.

It’s like a damn soap opera.

Civil rights.


Good point.

Not a single one of them cared about the civil rights of those they were targeting, trapping, and using.

Comey was all but bragging about what they did.



So it’s all justified.


They’re all involved, and if they could do this to a man like General Flynn or even the president to be, imagine what they could do to your everyday Joe.

As he says, act accordingly.



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