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'Read it S-L-O-W-L-Y': Brit Hume drops 'The Bulwark's' @UrbanAchievr for trying to pick a fight over Kimberley Strassel

As he often does, Brit Hume shared a fairly spectacular piece (this time from Kimberley Strassel about what Trump has said and done about COVID-19) to make his own point. Notice how Brit makes HIS point first, and then shares Strassel’s piece:


And even though he pointed out that Trump himself has said inaccurate things, for some reason The Bulwark’s UrbanAchievr decided to pick a fight with Brit over Kimberley Strassel. Don’t make that face, we don’t know why these people start nonsense with him … it never ends well for them.

Awww, he doesn’t like Kim’s article.

Color us shocked.

He’s usually so supportive of Conservative women.


Brit fired back:

Maybe just don’t tangle with Brit, Bundt.


Sorry, Christian.

We remember him when he was just a little Twitter troll – how he’s grown.

Or not.


Or read more S-L-O-W-L-Y.

That works too.

If only there were more pictures in her piece.

He’s just a ‘straight’ guy, you know?

We expect snark from media types like Greg Gutfeld … but Brit?

That’s probably why it works so well when he does it.



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