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How LOW will Lefties GO?! Thread casts SERIOUS doubt on Kathy Griffin's claim hospital 'couldn't' test her for coronavirus

Sounds like Kathy Griffin was allegedly sent to a Coronavirus isolation ward in a major hospital (which she does not name) with unbearably painful symptoms and claims she ‘couldn’t’ be tested for the virus because of CDC aka ‘Pence task force’ restrictions.


She accused Trump of lying about the country doing far more testing in the same breath.

Hey, this could totally have happened … but there are just some things that don’t add up.

Check out this thread:

Kathy was tweeting this in response to Trump claiming the US has done more testing.

She claims he’s lying and is using these pictures as evidence.

Don’t know about you guys but if we were in the hospital afraid we might have the Coronavirus the last thing we’d be doing is raging at Trump on Twitter about things.


Why would they put her in a Coronavirus isolation ward if they didn’t know if she had it or not? Wouldn’t that be extraordinarily dangerous?


Because he just DOES!

Lots of idiots in New York.

You’d think in a Coronavirus isolation ward she would be hooked up to O2 at least.

Likely one she walked in wearing.

Yeah, if she was truly in an isolation ward she’d likely be in a gown.


So maybe what happened is Kathy went to the ER and they put her in a room and shut the door? And to this article’s point, even if she’s telling the truth, she’s raging at the wrong person. We’re thinking this may just be a case of a confused Trump-hater looking for any and every reason to blame him for yet another horrible situation.

As we said before if she is indeed sick and struggling to get tested we hope for the best and will keep her in our prayers.



So … not Trump’s fault?! AGAIN?! Brit Hume shares infuriating thread about REAL reason for mask and respirator ‘shortage’

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