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‘You LOSE because you LIE’: OAN’s Chanel Rion DESTROYS anonymous journo who left note trying to shame her and DAMN

As Twitchy readers know, CNN’s Oliver Darcy ‘found’ a note supposedly left for OAN’s Chanel Rion all but shaming her for pointing out the media has been doing all it can to side with everyone but America during the coronavirus crisis. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see they’ve been working overtime to take the blame from China and place it squarely on Trump’s shoulders, and if that means they’re acting as propaganda for the ChiComs then so be it.


Because you know, orange man bad.

Rion responded and holy cow you guys, you’ll fist-pump:

‘You lose because you lie and when fake news loses, America wins.’

Take that Darcy! Err … we mean … anonymous journo person.

It is pretty damn good.

Whoa, when Eric Carmen is applauding?



Welp, hopefully by writing about it we’re sort of retweeting it 100 times.

On that note, keep givin’ ’em Hell, Chanel.



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